Thursday, July 07, 2016

English is a Piece of Cake

"You can't have your cake & eat it too."

Such a baffling phrase. Why would anyone get a cake & not eat it?

That was the big topic of conversation last weekend between Sanrio & I. After 6+ years together, the intellectual fire still burns.

But, seriously. Why, in fact, would anyone want to get a cake & not eat it? That's absurd. Cake is delicious. Cake is the best. If you disagree. let Jim Gaffigan tell you all the reasons why cake is the best. There really isn't any other explanation needed.

Cake isn't a throw pillow. I don't see cake & think, "Oh hell yeah. That'd look good on my kitchen counter."

When I see cake, my first thought is "attack!" Then, a few other things go through my mind:
  1. I hope it's the good kind of frosting. (The good kind of frosting has a texture that's thicker & more "solid." It some instances it looks like royal frosting, but it's actually softer. It's also loaded with sugar. Think about frosting from Magnolia Bakery or Sweet Revenge. The bad kind of frosting is the type they give you on grocery store cakes – the kind that is really soft & not that sweet.)
  2. I hope the cake is fresh. (Nothing worse than stale cake.)
  3. Should I share this cake with someone? No... 
  4. Yes. Yes, I should share this with someone. I need to fit into my pants.

And now back to the original phrase. After some in-depth internet sleuthing, I found out how the phrase originated & its literal meaning. It seems my immigrant understanding of the English isn't up to par, so I'll just go back to my country & eat cake there.

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