Friday, October 31, 2014

Milk First, Cereal Second

It's been nearly a year and a half since I've written, but I've decided to temporarily interrupt my sabbatical due to this incendiary Instagram post.

I've debated milk-first vs. cereal-first on multiple occasions. I realize I'm in the minority. However, that post makes me want to defend myself & all other milk-first proponents.

Here is my case for pouring milk prior to the cereal. You'll find it's as logical as saying "Belated Happy Birthday."

Reason 1
I hate milk. Actually, most Asians don't like milk. It's a fact. Google it. My mother used to put sugar in my milk so I'd drink it. That was until she discovered chocolate-flavored sugar, aka Nestle Quik.

Cereal was merely a delivery system for the milk, another way to get me to drink the stuff. When I first started eating cereal it wasn't because I was craving Cinnamon Toast Crunch, it was because I had to have my daily dose of dairy.

Because I had to drink a certain amount of milk each day it was measured in my bowl before the cereal was poured. So, milk-first was optimal to allow me to see how much of it I had to consume. And it allowed me to argue with my mother. I wanted less, but my mother always wanted me to drink more.

Reason 2
If I was going to eat cereal with milk, I at least wanted it to be as enjoyable as possible. That included crunch factor. Nobody likes soggy cereal. Pouring cereal last allows you to fill your bowl with just enough cereal to eat while it's still crunchy. Once you've finished what's in your bowl, simply pour more fresh cereal for a crunchy breakfast. Plus, depending on what cereal you eat & your pour, some of the cereal stays on top of the floaters, thus further preserving crunchiness. If you go cereal-first, all the cereal gets drenched & starts getting soggy immediately.

Now you know why it's milk first & cereal second. And knowing is half the battle.