Friday, January 06, 2012

Rapping Up the Week

It's the end of the first work week of 2012, and I haven't posted in quite some time. I figured sharing some light-hearted banter between me & my friend, Milan, would be amusing on this Friday.

Here is the unedited transcript of our conversation from last year. I realize this may not be one of the most intelligent things I've ever posted here, but just roll with me. There's a great theme, possibly even inspiration for some sort of drinking game.

Milan: yeah, well I'm sure we can meet for lunch or dinner or dancing
The Dirty Burrito: mos def
M: good usage with a double meaning of rapper's name
TDB: he's the easiest one
M: or should I say your usage of rapper's name is fabulus
TDB: Fabolous
your misspelling was Ludacris
M: saying Fabolous and Ludacris is kinda a tongue Twista
i can't top that
M: yes you can
TDB: i can't
it's 4:30
my mind is gone
M: you just have to use the right Method man, roll your tongue off the back of your teeth
TDB: Now my face is all red man, from you embarrassing me
M: You Dirty Ole Bastard, your face is red because you're thinkin about your gf
TDB: Are you Pharrell? You just messed up Ol' Dirty Bastard's name!
M: I got excited and typed it backwards because I just found a deal on the internet. The new Justin Bieber CD for only 50 Cent
TDB: What do you think is Bieber's favorite Eminem color?
M: I heard he isn't into candy. He only likes cold treats, he eats one ice cube at a time.
TDB: Makes sense. He's cold as ice. He rose up through the ranks and certainly knows how to play The Game

I won't hold it against you if you decide never to return to The Dirty Burrito. Happy weekend!

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