Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MLK Randomness

First up, this MLK loofah, courtesy of the HGOC. I didn't create it, people.

I got MLK Day off, but according to the NY Times, some students in the South had to attend school. I understand the sensitivities of canceling MLK Day in the South, but the kids need to go to school! I'm pretty sure MLK would prefer that the kids get an education. The quotes from the NY Times article are amazing: "It always seems like Martin Luther King day is the first one they are willing to give up,” said Dot Scott, president of the Charleston branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. (It's the first one people give up because it's the first holiday on the calendar.) As can be expected, the reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton chimed in on the matter. From Al Sharpton, "We’re urging people to keep their kids home. It’s un-American not to observe the holiday." You know what else is un-American? Leading the world in education. There's a reason the US lags behind the rest of the world. I highly doubt the countries leading the world in education give their students as much time off as the US. So, I hope you followed Reverend Sharpton and did your part to honor the great Dr. King by keeping your kids at home and withholding their education. (And no, this is not a veiled attempt to say Asians rule at everything. If you look at the chart, seven of the top ten countries listed are from the West. Though the top three are Asian... On a related note, I do have thoughts on the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua. That'll be a separate blog post.)

I've read that a lot of the people were quite irked by Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes. Newsflash to Hollywood: he's a comedian! And you've chosen a profession that requires you to be in the limelight. Deal with it. It's made you millions and millions, so stop complaining. The Tim Allen joke was amazing though. I only caught the last hour of the show, so I didn't see Toy Story 3 win and was wondering what Tim Allen was doing there. I kept trying to think of work he's done, but all that kept creeping into my mind was Home Improvement, a show I really disliked.

I can't believe people still have a thing for The Social Network. Back when it was released, critics were calling it the movie of the year. After I saw it I had to ask, "Why?" Don't get me wrong. I liked the movie and found it very enjoyable. I'm not at all disappointed I paid $13 to see it in the theatre, but I don't think it should win any "movie of the year" honors. Hollywood is all moist because the odd power couple of David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin were able to make it work. OOOOOH. AHHHHH. Two powerhouses in the film-making industry who don't seem to be a likely team chose to collaborate on a project, and everything panned out. Sweet! If it wins, it's going to be this year's Crash. In retrospect, does anyone seriously still think that movie deserved to win that year? I realize the subject is relevant to our times, but even Sorkin himself says, "From a plot standpoint, you could’ve told the same story about the invention of a really good toaster." Does that sound like a movie that should win the top prize? Also another reason not to give it film of the year Justin Timberlake had a starring role playing Justin Timberlake. If they wanted to cast a musician, they should've cast Mos Def. Who cares if Sean Parker was white? Mos Def still would've been 10 million times better than JT.

In matters related to Sean Parker, I just want to give a shoutout to Shawn Fanning. The Social Network seemingly depicts Sean Parker as the sole creator of Napster. This is false. Shawn Fanning was actually the technological brains behind Napster, and Sean Parker was his business partner. You gave us free music you will not be forgotten.

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