Monday, November 22, 2010

K-mart Still Sucks

I returned to K-mart a couple of weeks ago for more essentials -- soap, shampoo, toilet paper, mouthwash, etc. Not surprisingly, they again asked me to donate money to charity during my checkout experience. However, it turns out that they changed their strategy. Rather than waiting until after they've told me the total bill for my purchase to ask me to donate to a charity, they asked me prior to scanning anything.

A sneaky maneuver by K-mart -- trying to solicit a charity donation from me before I know how much money I'm about to throw their way. On top of that, they leave the question open-ended. No longer are they simply asking for $1, they're just generally asking if I want to make a donation.

Despite the trickery, I still turned them down. And the cause that made me look like a jackass this time: children's cancer research. "Do you want to donate to support children's cancer research?"

Me: "Nah. It's OK. I'm good."

Last time, it looked like I hated premature babies. Now it looks like I hate kids...particularly kids with cancer.

But that's not all. K-mart added an extra step before you pay. They ask you to answer a survey question on the card reader:

Q: "Did you know your K-mart pharmacy offers year-round immunizations?"
A: "Yes/No"

As I hit the "No" option, all I could think of was that I wish there was a smartass comment section where I could write, "I do now, and I love kids!"

F you K-mart.

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  1. Yeah, but Eminem just referenced it in a song so it's gotta be cool. Plus, the one here in Chicago has a Little Caesar's connected so by going there I can help the Red Wings, Tigers, Pistons. Screw the the Iliches.

    "Man I still say K-mart like theres an apostrophe “S” on it dog"