Monday, August 16, 2010

Cool Vest, Justin Timberlake

This post doesn't have much to do with JT's vest. On my Google Analytics reports, I noticed I received some traffic from people searching for "ne-yo hat." I figured I'd continue to ride the celebrity clothing wave. However, this post does have a lot to do with JT.

Remember when Justin & Britney were the hottest celebrity couple? Justin was the face of *NYSNC, which was sitting on top of the world with a slew of hits. Britney was the virgin queen of all the female solo acts.

Two former Mousketeers, one another's first loves, ruling the pop world and happily cuddling and holding hands until their wedding night, when they would have a majestic romp in the sack. Except it didn't work out that way. Britney cheated (gasp!) on Justin, supposedly with Wade Robson (of The Wade Robson Project, obviously). That innocent little Mousketeer ended up being a backstabbing little... Wait a second. She was lying the whole time? I knew she wasn't a virgin!

JT was heartbroken. What was he going to do? How could he recover?

Well, he released Cry Me A River and showed Britney that The Wade Robson Project ain't all that. And you know the rest. JT threw on his futuristicsexylovely vest, and conquered the world.

I was thinking of JT because I heard Cry Me A River on the radio. It brought flashbacks to when everyone was freaking out about the meaning of the song. The girl at the end of the video looked just like Britney. Was it or was it not her? Was this a big F you to Britney? OMG... I can't handle not knowing!

In retrospect, it's easy to say that the girl was supposed to represent Britney. It most definitely was a big F you. He's an artist. An artist's work usually reflects his current mood. His first and only true love threw his heart in a blender, and he wanted to say something about it. Picasso had his Blue Period; JT had his "F you, Britney" period.

I began to think back to my own past. I remember being totally head over heels for my girlfriend in high school. The experience and emotions associated with that first love are intense. A rollercoaster ride is an apt description -- ups, downs, twists, turns, a funny feeling in your stomach.

At that time I thought she was it. The One. Together forever. We'll graduate from high school and college, get jobs, buy a car and house, get married, have a family, etc.

Obviously, it didn't happen that way. She dumped me. I was a hot mess. We were supposed to end up together!

Luckily, I went to college that fall. My mind quickly realized there was a whole wide world of opportunity out there. Look at the huge campus -- what awesome buildings! Look at all these cool classes. Italian Renaissance Art! That sounds so interesting. If I like it, perhaps I'll consider art history as a major. Fraternities! Wow! You mean they give you lukewarm Milwaukee's Best for free? Frat guys are so nice. What fun parties! Look at all these hot girls! There ARE Asian people in Michigan! Yikes... I think I just got The Feva.

The world didn't end, and the sun rose again. I had a ton of amazing experiences, and I met a bunch amazing people. I graduated from college, I traveled, I lived and worked in a few cities, and I was even a male model (kinda). Now, I'm living and working in NYC. It's funny now to look back on that whole situation,and how my life has transpired. I didn't have a vest with magical powers that allowed me to conquer the world like JT, but I can easily say I'm happy with the way my life worked out thus far.

(Side note: I want to be clear that I have no hard feelings toward the ex. I'm just reflecting upon the emotions and thoughts I had at that time. She actually tracked me down on FB last year and is happily married with a kid. I'm totally happy for her. By no means do I want to give the impression that I'm bitter or resentful.)

So what was the grand purpose of this post? It's Music Monday, baby.