Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My Decade

Flying into New York at night is quite a cool scene. Seeing the bustling metropolis, brightly lit and showing no signs of slowing, from that aerial view is pretty awesome. It gives me a sense of excitement but also a sense of calm because I know I'm home. There's no other place -- not in this country, anyway -- where I could be happy. I love it here.

A decade ago, I never even imagined I'd be here. I was a junior in high school in Rochester, a quiet suburb in southeast Michigan. My biggest concerns were passing my AP classes, getting a killer ACT score and getting into the University of Michigan. My long-term plans consisted of graduating from the U of M business school, getting married (probably to a white girl because that's all I ever saw where I grew up) and starting a family back in Rochester. I was way off.

I didn't even get into U of M business school. I still have nightmares of Econ 101 and Accounting 271. In Ann Arbor, I discovered that Asians do exist in Michigan. That's when I became afflicted with The Feva. As for marriage and starting a family -- if you know me now, you're probably laughing out loud at that image.

I stopped trying to have a plan and just decided to go with the flow. I ended up living and working in L.A., Minneapolis and Manila before coming to NYC. I started this blog out of boredom and hatred of my situation in Minneapolis, and so I could write about my thoughts on Laguna Beach. While I lived in the motherland, I was a body-double for a Filipino action star in a print ad, almost drowned while whitewater rafting, sea-kayaked to lay out on my own personal island, was in a minor earthquake, sat second-row at a Backstreet Boys concert (though highly enjoyable, I'm still *NSYNC for life), met Manny Pacquiao, the greatest fighter of our generation, and got fat...really fat. I can't help that Filipinos make amazing food.

Now, I'm coming up on four years in the city. When I moved here, I said I'd only stay for two. I've met tons of interesting, diverse people and enjoyed a multitude of amazing experiences. I have no idea how much longer I'll stay, or even where I'll move next. The only thing I know is I'm going to continue to make a concerted effort to not get hit by a cab again. I'm really excited for the next decade. I only hope it's as eventful as the last one.

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