Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunglasses at Night

In case you were wondering, I watch Jersey Shore. Now, if you're wondering whether I will write a thorough review of the show, the answer is "not at the moment." Don't get me wrong. I'm an avid fan. Each episode provides such a plethora of ridiculous situations and one-liners, I could write blog posts for days. But for the moment, I will not devote a post to making fun of these upstanding Italian Americans. This show is funny enough on its own and carries so much momentum on the Internet and social circles, I don't need to write anything about it. Just check your friends' Facebook statuses, search #jerseyshore on Twitter or follow the episode recaps and catchphrase countdowns on Vulture. I don't feel the need to dissect Jersey Shore like I dissected certain parts of Laguna Beach/Newport Harbor or Gossip Girl. I think America, as a collective audience, is all on the same page.

With that said, I just want to go on the record and say Pauly D. is the only acceptable person on this show. To quote Disco Stu, "he is the only guy from this show I would hang out with." Whereas everyone else on this show appears to be overplaying their "guido-ness," I get a feeling Pauly D. is truly being himself. His honesty is refreshing and funny. He states his thoughts and observations with absolute conviction and without pretense. It's as if he knows no other way of living than being a super-guido with super-spikey, over-gelled hair, and if you were to ever take that away from him, you'd crush his hopes and dreams.

It's Music Monday, and today's song is in honor of Jersey Shore and something funny the HGOC did last week while he visited NYC. He was at Tenjune, having a subpar experience, and he mentioned this exchange he had with one of the patrons:

"This guy at the next place we went to had on sunglasses, and I just blew up on him and was like, 'What the hell is your problem? There is no fucking way you can see.'"

Enjoy "Sunglasses at Night" by Corey Hart. (Sorry, but I can't embed. This week's blame goes to EMI.)