Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One Emo Hill

I can count on two things every Monday night: hearing Ed Westwick's debonair English voice telling me to stay tuned for an all-new episode of Gossip Girl, and a super emo song at the end of One Tree Hill.

I always set up my DVR to record Gossip Girl one minute early, and I never watch it live because I like to fastforward through all of the commercials. Every time I start my recorded episode, I'm in the last 10-20 seconds of One Tree Hill. Without fail, every episode ends with one of the characters staring into space in deep contemplation over something dramatic that just happened, while a super whiny, slow and most-likely acoustic emo song plays to accentuate the emo-tastic quality of the moment.

Just a few more thoughts on my favorite show, which I don't watch but love to critique:

- Haley still has a music career, and Nate plays professional basketball? And they live in North Carolina? C'mon! Even if I got past the fact that Haley's music could never go platinum, and Nate looks more like an Abercrombie store employee than a pro basketball player, a couple like that would live in L.A. or New York. They're the most unrealistic professional couple ever.
- I loved Hilarie Burton and couldn't get enough of Chad Michael Murray's preternatural ability to squint in every scene, but since they left the show, the female talent has become exponentially hotter. Amazing.
- I still maintain that Jake and Peyton belonged together. Bring them back!
- Will Nick Lachey ever come back to the show?

I didn't like any of the One Tree Hill pictures, so I just went with Chuck Bass. So awesome.

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  1. yup i have to agree.
    bring back jake and peyton. LOL

    let me check out the soundtrack of one tree hill. interesting.