Monday, October 19, 2009

Gleeful TV

I wanted to try out a few new shows this year to add to my lineup of Gossip Girl, Mad Men and Fringe. They're all somewhat intense, so overall I was looking for shows that looked light and humorous. Plus, I was already committed to ditching the nonsensical, sorry excuse for a show that is Heroes, and I've surprisingly weeded most of MTV out of my life, with Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory as the lone exception.

The shows I auditioned included:

Glee (FOX, Wednesday 9/8c)
I really didn't have any expectations for this show because I didn't really know what it was about. I couldn't escape the ads all over the city, so I just decided to watch the first few episodes online last weekend. I ended up watching the first six episodes marathon-style. I'm now suffering from withdrawal. Glee is simply amazing, and one week is much too long of a time between episodes. The story lines are intriguing, the characters are hilarious, there are tons of awesome one-liners, and the musical numbers are fantastic. No offense to Gossip Girl and Chuck Bass, but Glee is my new favorite show. It makes me want to join the glee club. Who knew show choir could be so cool?

(ABC, Thursday 8/7c)
I was a big fan of Joseph Fiennes from his work in Shakespeare in Love, which I thought was an excellent film. I'm sure he did a lot of stuff after that, but I never saw anything. So, I was interested to see his work on this show. So far, the first three episodes have been suspenseful and captivating. Catch up if you want something intense in your life. This show has a lot of promise. And if nothing else, you get to see John Cho in a serious dramatic role...MILF! MILF! MILF! The man has range.

Melrose Place (CW, Tuesday 9/8c)
The posters bombarded me every morning on my walk to the gym, and their raw sexuality was oozing at me. I was curious, but mainly, I needed to see Ashlee Simpson's "acting." I had pretty low expectations because I figured it would be as crappy as the 90210 series remake. I barely got through the first episode. Just horrid. Who the hell thought Ashlee Simpson would be good for this show? The so-called drama wasn't captivating at all. I had zero desire to tune in the next episode to see if there was any chance for the show to redeem itself. It sucked. The end.

Modern Family
(ABC, Wednesday 9/8c)
I saw subway ads showcasing the lineup for ABC's Comedy Wednesday. This show was the only one that intrigued me. I'm glad I checked it because it's very funny. I laugh out loud a lot. It's a great way to push through "It's Only Fucking Wednesday Kill Me" and into the weekend.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS, Monday 8/7c)
I realize this is the 5th season, but I caught two episodes last year and found it enjoyable. I'm committing to it this season. NPH is awesome. I've grown to like Allyson Hannigan a lot; I hated her in American Pie.

Special mention: it's not a TV show, but go see More Than a Game. It's a really good film about the extremely close dynamic of LeBron James and his high school crew. It's not just about basketball; it's a touching story about friendships. I think everyone can relate. There are just some people that click together, and you'll be close friends no matter where life takes you. It certainly reminded me of those people in my life. It also had a great/hilarious soundtrack of hip hop hits from when they played together, beginning in the mid-90s and going through the early 2000s -- Naughty by Nature, early 50 Cent, Mr. Cheeks (admit it--you know the song), Ja Rule ("Murdahhhhh!"), and so much more.

Since there's a lot of music mentioned in today's post, and I haven't done Music Monday in a long time, I'm giving you two videos, courtesy of the cast of Glee, to kickoff your week. The first video is their rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'." After it aired on the first episode, it became the most downloaded track on iTunes. The second video is "Ride Wit Me" by Nelly. The single was officially released in 2001, but it reminds me of the summer of 2000. My girlfriend would play the entire Nelly album, particularly that song, nonstop. It was slightly annoying at the time, but that was one of my favorite summers, so hearing the song brings back some good memories.

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