Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome Week

I experience phases where I'm happy I've graduated from college and am building a career. But I also experience phases where I wish that my hardest task is determining whether to attend my Friday 8:30am ECON102 lecture in the MLB, possibly still drunk from the previous night's shark bowls at Rick's.

At the moment I'm experiencing the latter, and it might have something to do with the weather. NYC just completed its annual two-week spell of extreme humidity, and the cooler temperatures are hinting at a fantastic autumn. The overall atmosphere reminds me of Welcome Week, a magical time free of responsibilities where the only problem is determining the party or bar to hit each night.

Reuniting with roommates and friends, blowing $500 at Ulrich's on textbooks you'll never read, the collective anticipation for the upcoming football season and its pre-games, crossing your fingers that the moving truck next door is bringing some hot new neighbors, 2:30am munchies at Bell's or Big Ten Burrito, Meijer runs to stock up on booze and charging it to the parents' credit card as "groceries," wondering if this will be the year you finally kiss someone under the West Hall arch and scoping out the new crop of freshmen. Such an exciting time filled with so much promise.

Welcome Week, I miss you. So much.

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  1. Welcome Week 2003. 12 people living in the basement of 1008 Oakland because the rest of the house wasn't ready due to poor treatment by previous tenants(damn theta chi kids) was simply unbeatable. My favorite quote from landlord during that Welcome Week - "We got a report that there were kids hanging from the roof with kegs."

    ND weekend...let's do it.