Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Asian Tiger

Because Y.E. Yang smoked Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship, the sports world is going crazy about Asian golfers making the leap. Newsflash: Tiger Woods is half-Asian. If you're calling him black, you have to call him Asian. Following this sound logic, the leap has already been made.

Y.E. Yang simply represents a different type of Asian, the FOB. But I don't think it matters. Whether you were born in Korea or Southern California, if you have Asian blood, then you're Asian. So, Asians have been dominating golf for over a decade.

Shoutout to Chunky Salsa for getting me started on today's post.


  1. Sorry, but Tiger has been 100% black since the Racial Draft on Jan 21st, 2004. If you recall correctly, he said "goodbye fried rice, hello friend chicken." as well as "for shizzle"(he always wanted to say that).

    Tough break Asians.

  2. thanks for the shoutout buddy!

  3. Tiger is only a quarter asian.