Thursday, August 06, 2009


Shane, Lil' Mama, JC and Albert Clifford are back on Sunday and bringing it hard! You'll get to hear Shane rip it, Lil' Mama speak incoherently and JC bitch about choreography. After coming back from a commercial break, Mario will give a shout out to DJ Rashida "on the ones and twos," though I doubt he even knows what that means. Layla Kayleigh will bring her slamming body and mediocre face backstage for some in-depth interviews. But the moment I'm really looking forward to is when Randy Jackson says "Randy Jackson presents America's Best Dance Crew dawg."

Four predictions for the 4th season:
- We'll get a crappy all-girl cheerleading crew
- This year's gimmicky crew will be cloggers who skate
- An Asian crew will be fighting to earn their parents' respect
- Asians will win

Tune in on Sunday at 9pm. I'll be watching and ready to text a number to 22444 to vote for my favorite crew.

1 comment:

  1. An Asian's parent didn't support her, weird. Everyone drink a half gallon of vodka, I'm shocked.

    Massive Monkeys...forever.

    Beat ya feet kings...the final battle was probably the best thing all night.

    Big fan of Rhythm City.

    Artistry in Motion sucks balls. I hate them and hope they leave immediately.

    Vogue Evolution is this year's Fanny Pack.

    Fr3sh definitely not the worst crew, nothing special though. Thanks for stopping by.

    We Are Heroes were pretty entertaining, plus they have that "a titty could pop out at any moment" appeal.

    No obviously novelty act this year, but Afroborike and Southern Movement are close, though I didn't hate them as much as I expected to.

    Calling Massive Monkeys as the winner right now.