Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Kilo Watch 3

I just got back from Palawan. It was more of a relaxed, secluded locale but still lots of fun. Aside from beaching it, I went kayaking and snorkeling in the South China Sea.

The water was nice and calm. I spent half of the snorkeling excursion avoiding jellyfish because they're in-season, but it was worth it because I saw all kinds of cool fish and stuck my hand inside a giant clam. The thing was enormous and actually "chomped" on my hand, though if you wanted, you easily could have fit an entire 10-year-old child in one. I had to dive down 30 feet, and it felt a bit gross and slimy, but it was cool nonetheless.

Let's get to my eats and my weight. I actually kept track of all the food I ate, but I'm not going to bore you with each item I had with every meal. It was tedious to document, so I imagine it'll probably be tedious to read. Rather than bore you with specifics, I'll just give you a high-level rundown.

For the main courses, I ate tons of garlic rice, grilled seafood (mostly squid stuffed with diced tomatoes and onions and multiple varieties of fish), grilled chicken and lots of grilled or fried pork belly. For dessert, I ate an array of purple yam, coconut and rice-based sweets, flans and ice cream. You can view the rest of the dishes at the Food Log album.

As for my weight, it actually dropped from my last post. I'm at 74.2 kg (163.6 lbs). It's a surprising result, considering I ate the entire time I was in Palawan and my only exercise was the kayaking and snorkeling.

I going on another trip from July 3-5, but this time to Bohol. I'll give you another update when I get back.

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  1. mmmm Purple yam, that was my favorite back in the day