Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beautiful Soul, Ugly Spokesmodel

I received an Email from Express yesterday morning with the subject line, "Jesse McCartney for Express & The MK2 Debut." I opened it to find the awesome picture above, along with the words "Strength," "Valor" and "Style." C'mon Express!

I was under the impression that a celebrity spokesmodel should ultimately help your sales. Strategically, he should be able to motivate me to take action and buy a product. I can only speak for myself, but Jesse McCartney isn't really the type of male celebrity that gets me buying shirts. "Beautiful Soul" and Summerland. I'm just saying...

Now, you could make the argument that Express is looking to target "influencers," people who help influence the purchase decision. In this case I imagine the "influencers" are girlfriends. But are there really any females that think, "Jesse McCartney looks hot. I want my boyfriend to get that shirt so he looks hot like Jesse McCartney"? Look at that picture -- he looks like a taller Frankie Muniz. (Gentlemen--if you date a lady who wants you to look like Jesse McCartney, I advise you to check her driver's license to make sure she really is 18.)

Express would've been better served by going after someone like Robert Pattinson. I didn't really used to think anything of him, but he has made women of our era say, "I want to be with a vampire." I've heard multiple women utter this phrase in one form or another. I just saw a Facebook status that said, "OMG. Edward Cullen. Stop dazzling me."

I think he has some sort of magical force working for him. It has the potential to make guys think, "This will help me be more like a vampire." Girls may say, "I'm going to buy this shirt for my boyfriend because he'll be more like a vampire." It works. Fix your mistake, Express. Get the vampire, sell some shirts.

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  1. Those military style shirts are sooooo last year. Remember Robert Pattinson in the past Harry Potter movies? (neither do I) I looked at a picture from that and he looks like a total douche. It's amazing these days that the women our age follow what the 13yr olds say is trendy. You know those little girls were the one that hyped him up. J-14....forever.