Friday, July 24, 2009

America's Best Wedding Party

The HGOC and I have an ongoing joke about my future wedding: Toto's "Africa" will be my wedding song. We talk about this (click that link if you want a sample discussion and more background) whenever the subject of marriage/weddings comes up, or if we just happen to be talking about Toto (seriously...we've been known to discuss the merits of "Africa" vs. "Rosanna"). I'd give this scenario about a 90% chance of actually happening. It takes a really amazing girl to allow her first dance to be to that song.

Last night, he sent the following Email with a link to the video below:

"this might have your toto africa beat-"

Unreal. That wedding party just killed it. So many thoughts ran through my head:

- Did this occur after Chris Brown destroyed Rihanna's face? If so, did anyone have a problem with playing the music of a person who has uncontrollable rage against women? I wouldn't have cared; the song is awesome. It was on America's Best Dance Crew in each of the past two seasons.
- Some of those white boys need to start a crew and audition for ABDC!
- That church has a decent sound system.
- A female reverend? It must be one of those fake religions. Just kidding!
- I need to know whether they were drunk, high or sober when they conceived of this idea.
- Poor wardrobe, sweet moves.
- Who choreographed, and how much much did they rehearse?
- I wonder what the reception was like.
- Did any of them have to drink heavily before the ceremony in order to get up the nerve to do that?
- The slow motion by the altar was crazy!

I called the HGOC immediately after viewing the video to discuss. We were both pretty much speechless about the performance, and we were discussing how we could recreate that at his wedding. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of sick dancers in our crew, so it may be tough.

While we were on the phone, the conversation turned toward marriage and the type of girl he could love:

(To better understand the following conversation, read this)
HGOC: I'm glad you made me do the Michele thing. Now, I really know what I want in a girl.
TDB: That's awesome. I'm glad to hear that. Do you miss her?
HGOC: I miss her, man. I really do.
TDB: So do any songs make you think of her now?
HGOC: Actually, yeah. There's one song...fuck! I can't even think of it now. I swear there is though. Love songs do have meaning to me. I wasn't in love, but I understand how people feel now.

I feel so proud.


  1. I also thought about the church's sound system. Additional thoughts:
    - I must have missed Vatican III.
    - The bride's entrance was anticlimactic. I'm surprised she would have agreed to this when so many other people showed her up.
    - If they get divorced, will there be dancing at any subsequent wedding ceremonies?
    - What's the Michele thing? What did I do? Oh, he probably means Michelle.

  2. I agree about the bride's entrance. It was sadly anticlimactic, but the rest of the performance was able to overcome her weak showing.

    Her name was actually spelled like yours. Anytime I'd ask him about her, I'd say her name like yours to try and mess with his head.

  3. HGOC what have you discovered about what you really want in a girl now?