Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Kilo Watch 1

I just completed a 15 hour flight from JFK and am currently in Hong Kong waiting for my connecting flight. I've only been on a plane and in the Hong Kong International Airport, and I already know I don't want to go back to the states. I'm going to be miserable in three weeks.

I'm flying Cathay Pacific for the first time, and I'm extremely impressed. I'll never be able to fly another airline and be satisfied. The space in coach is amazing, and the in-flight entertainment is fantastic. I watched Gran Torino (great/hilarious), The Wrestler (interesting/Marisa Tomei still got it), He's Just Not That Into You (enjoyable) and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li (horrendous movie/Chris Klein convinced me that he's the worst actor ever/Kristin Kreuk and Moon Bloodgood are hottt). I also made a playlist from the enormous selection of music. I included everyone from Billy Joel to Ne-yo. I love falling asleep to music, so it was a huge help.

Anyway, to the food. The eating already started on the plane, and Cathay Pacific actually provides sizeable meals. I obviously don't have access to a scale, but here's the damage through the first flight:

- Fresh fruit salad
- Fruit yogurt
- Frittata with creamed spinach, bacon and red skin potatoes (I wanted the braised pork with spicy sauce, steamed rice and mixed veggies, but obviously all the Asians snatched up every serving just before the food cart got to me.
- Banana muffin

- Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix (Fruit & Nut flavor)
- Apple (even the Chinese know it keeps the doctor away)

- Smoked salmon with potato salad
- Tai Chin chicken with steamed rice and mixed vegetables (I got the rice this time, suckas!)
- Caramel cheesecake
- Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies

I'm landing in Manila in about 3 hours. I'll probably be served in-flight dinner, and I'll feast when I get to my uncle's house. There might be an update later.

NOTE: In case you're wondering, I'm 12 hours ahead of you.

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