Friday, June 19, 2009

I Want You Back

To be honest, I almost didn't post yesterday's entry. You may have noticed that I never write about dating or any dealings with the fairer sex. Telling the world about my preferences in females was a fairly large step for me.

In any case, yesterday's post was pretty popular and well-received...except with one person -- the Jewish love of my life, LF. We were introduced all because of the magic of Facebook. I was looking through The Homewrecker's Facebook pictures one afternoon and noticed a few that featured her very pretty friend. I immediately sent The Homewrecker a message asking, "Why the hell didn't we hang out with this girl?!"

Because she was in Chicago the weekend I was visiting LA. This just makes my hatred of Chicago that much greater.

Long story short, The Homewrecker discovered we had a lot in common and got the two of us communicating digitally and through mobile devices. When I visited LA again this past March, we finally met. There was an instant connection, and it was magical.

That kind of chemistry is extremely rare, but when you find it, amazing happens. I rank it with Brangelina, Jordan-Pippen, Zack & Kelly, DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, Ike & Tina (if they never met, we never would've gotten "What's Love Got To Do With It), Ross & Rachel, Chuck & Blair, Dan & Serena -- the list could go on forever.

Unfortunately, she lives in LA, and I live in NYC, and neither of us will ever leave our beloved cities. So, we may be destined to be star-crossed lovers...but without all the Shakespearean suicidal tendencies.

Anyway, LF read yesterday's post. And the outcome was not good. She threatened to dump me. This is not ideal. My pleas for forgiveness, even offering to serenade her with "On Bended Knee", fell on deaf ears.

So this is it. My last-ditch effort. Don't leave me. Don't be angry. Just know that when we're together, you're able to cure me of The Feva. You make me better. You even inspired me to post my fourth entry this week. I've never posted more than three times in a week. Ever. You're pushing me to new heights.

And to show you how much I care, this special song from my favorite band of all time is dedicated to you:



    There are three things I know about true love. Number 1 is that it can only be found in rare occasions(such as this) and in Freddie Prince Jr. movies. The other two are available for 3 easy payments of $39.99.

  2. ahahaha...."you're able to cure me of the feva" hilarious!