Thursday, June 25, 2009

Going Home

Tomorrow, I embark on an 18-hour journey to my native land. I'll be gone for three weeks. Half of my time will be spent with my relatives in the Metro Manila area. The other half also will be spent with my relatives, but in the following locations:

June 28-July 1: Palawan
July 3-5: Bohol
July 13-16: Hong Kong

Needless to say, I'm ecstatic for my return home -- even more ecstatic than Russell from Up. The plan is to lounge around, eat a lot of food, lie in the sun, get super dark, eat more food, shop...and eat again. I expect to have rice with pretty much every meal, eat tons of fried Filipino food, bankrupt my grandmother's restaurant, down all kinds of awesome desserts, and I probably will have very little exercise. I won't be surprised if I add ten pounds on this trip.

While I'm gone, you won't get any posts from me because my country doesn't have the Internets. Just kidding. I'm very interested in the amount of weight I could potentially gain during this trip, so The Dirty Burrito is going to run The Kilo Watch, an ongoing status of my weight and the food I consume.

For the next three weeks, I'll post my weight as often as possible, and I'll try to keep a log of everything I eat. I might even start a photo album of the food. My people use the metric system, but I'll also post the pounds for the people stateside. I don't have a scale at my apartment, so we'll have to go with my weight at the gym this morning. The starting point is 74 kg (164 lbs). This should be interesting.

Hopefully, I actually return in three weeks. I might try to find an excuse to stay there permanently. The most logical option would be to try to finagle another stint at The Agency from my uncle. If that doesn't work, I'm open to marriage. No matter what happens, I will miss you all.


  1. Is it still considered The Feva if you marry an Asian whilst in the Philippians?

  2. have fun! eat til your hearts content ! lol

  3. this is gonna be so awesome.