Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bye Bye, Tiger Stadium

I can't claim to be a huge baseball fan. Sure, I'll check the AL Central standings a few times a week to see how the Tigers are doing and watch SportsCenter for a few extra minutes if I see their highlights coming up, but I'm not the type who knows rosters for each game, who is on the DL or the pitching rotation. I don't know the Detroit general manager, and ever since Ernie Harwell retired, I don't even know who calls their games.

Though I'm clearly just a casual fan, I'm still a bit sad that they tore down Tiger Stadium. A Tigers baseball game was the first sporting event I ever attended in The Americas. I went with my family for an all-American day at the ol' ballpark. It was quite a learning experience.

My dad told my brother and I to bring our gloves, but we had no idea why. Apparently, we could attempt to catch a home run or foul ball if either was hit in our direction.

Why was everybody booing when that guy from our team went up to bat? I misheard. The crowd was actually shouting "Loooooooooooooouuuuuuu" for Lou Whitaker.

Mickey Tettleton was a little league coach's worst nightmare. He seemed to be doing well in the big leagues. Why couldn't we emulate his batting stance?

The hot dogs. Unforgettable.

So long Tiger Stadium. You will be missed.

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