Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Screw Chuck Bass. I am Sulu.

Star Trek is awesome! I want to be John Cho. Sulu baby. Sulu. I'm taking fencing lessons.

The Gossip Girl flashback episode sucked. I struggled to get through it. I'm definitely not watching a Lily/Rufus spinoff, if that ever comes to fruition.

Chuck Bass would sabotage a corsage in the name of fashion.

Screw the Daily Intel recap of last week's episode. They led me to believe that yesterday's episode was the season finale. I wanted to throw my plate at the TV because I thought season 2 was about to end with the Van Der Woodsen women apologizing to each other.

If his love for literature and Brooklyn hipster vibe didn't completely convince you Dan Humphrey was white, his dancing at prom certainly put to bed any remaining doubts.

I stopped watching One Tree Hill a couple years ago, but I still catch commercials and the opening teaser montage to setup the current episode. From what I see, the ridiculousness shows no signs of stopping. This is what I saw just from last night:
  • Nick Lachey is on the show or making some sort of cameo. Nick Lachey?! Does he play himself, or does he pretend to be another musician -- kind of like how Tyler Hilton played Chris Keller a few years back?
  • Stephen Colletti lost his virginity to Brooke Davis! But what about LC?! Those two were meant to be!
  • Why does someone on this show always have some sort of life-threatening disease? I remember Lucas having a heart disease called HCM. There was a lot of drama about whether he should continue playing high school basketball. Now Peyton has some sort of disease that can cause her to hemorrhage when she gives birth. Wait...she's pregnant?! WTF! She was supposed to end up with Jake!

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