Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Life Mulligans

I was checking Plinky last week, and I saw an interesting prompt - moments in life I wish I could do over. Here is my list:

I once told a Chinese girl that I don't trust Asians with blonde hair. She then responded that she used to dye her hair blonde. My response: a combination of "oh," "ugh " and "well," plus a bunch of other gibberish.

Blacking out and getting hit by a cab.

When I was 14, I was too shy to talk to the cute girl who lived down the street, even though she clearly wanted to talk to me.

Asking for a pint of Absolut Mandarin to drink before a Pearl Jam concert. It was my first concert, and I was 16 and had just started drinking. I didn't know about chasers.

About a month ago, I ate about $45 worth of barbecue and sides at Hill Country. I had originally intended to walk home, but I only made it three blocks before I hailed a cab. When I got home, I immediately jumped in my bed and slipped into a food coma.

When I lived on The Island for five months, the only place I visited outside of the country was Hong Kong. I really wish I had taken the opportunity to explore other parts of Asia.

Bike shorts.

Whenever I buy a value box of Hello Panda, I can't control myself and end up eating at least five of the ten packages within 10-15 minutes.

My subscription to Playboy. I'm definitely not renewing. I read one issue when I was 17 and legitimately thought the articles were good, but that may have been because I had extremely poor comparison points - Maxim and Stuff. I'd rather get Details again, along with their tips on the best shave in every issue.


  1. "Playboy has good articles" -biggest crock of shit I've ever heard! At least you have a monthly picture book of T&A to stare at while you shove the box of Hello Panda down your throat.

  2. No regrets for chipping a tooth on a seadoo? hahahah