Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Madness

Joyous Madness
Happy 26th anniversary to my parents! In this day and age, 26 years is almost unbelievable. But what's more unbelievable than 26 years of marriage? I was born in August. Yup that's right! Woo hoo...still together!

Tourney Madness
Michigan made it to the Tourney for the first time since 1989...because the Fab 5 never existed. How I long for the days of Chris, Ray, Jimmy, Jalen and Juwan.

I still haven't completed a single bracket because I've been way too busy at work. But when I finally got some free time, I still couldn't complete a bracket because my computer sucks ass. It couldn't handle ESPN's HTML bracket. Why? Because my agency gave me a Mac Mini, which is 4-years-old. Four freakin' years old! It takes me at least a minute to open a Microsoft Office document. Kill me. In any case, I haven't watched a single college basketball game this season, so I probably won't do well.

Prediction: if Morehead State becomes the first 16-seed to upset a 1-seed, sales of its hats will immediately surpass sales of the COCKS (South Carolina) hats. (Side note: do they still sell those hats? I haven't seen one since high school. Speaking of...)

Holy $#!+ Madness
I read that a man who taught at my high school and my brother's high school was arrested for arranging for underage sex...with a boy. El Grande Burrito said he was a teacher in Accounting and World History at his school. I don't know what he taught at my school, but he was the coach of the bowling team. Thankfully for the bowling team, they only had to change their shirts in the locker room. And for those who don't know, my brother and I went to Catholic high schools, mine being an all-boys prep school... Just another kick in the balls for our religion. But it's still better than being a Scientologist.

Music Madness
Madness - Our House

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  1. At least you didn't live at your all-boys prep school. You got to leave the perverts behind (not literally, I hope) at the end of the day. I had to stay there Sun-Fri constantly looking over my shoulder for ogling eyes.