Wednesday, March 04, 2009

On A Quest

The season 3 finale of America's Best Dance Crew is tomorrow night. My vote goes to the purple-loving Asians with the crazy hairstyles - Quest Crew.

They had some solid competition from Beat Freaks all season, but when it mattered most, Quest Crew absolutely ripped it. Their performance in the Hip Hop Decathlon, which should've been called a pentathlon because they only had to do five moves, was unreal - they absolutely killed the tutting and wave sections. And the Orquestra performance was no joke. The closing lateral flip was so ridiculous, I actually watched it in slow motion to make sure he wasn't attached to strings. (If the videos are pulled from YouTube, just check out the full Week 7 episode at

Vote for Quest Crew. Just text 2 to 22444. You have until Thursday, 1am ET. I already voted multiple times. I have no life.

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