Thursday, March 05, 2009

[National Cereal Day] & Goji

This Saturday, March 7, is Hoboken St. Patrick's Day. From what I understand, a sea of white people dressed in green shirts hops on the PATH to Jersey to get ridiculously drunk. I'm talking college-style, fratty drunk. And this clusterfuck goes on all day long.

I had originally planned on partaking in this debauchery until my buddy, the Turkey Burger (so-named because he has a phenomenal turkey burger recipe), informed me that March 7 also happens to be National Cereal Day. The Turkey Burger, along with the HGOC, is one of the founding fathers of [me] & goji. He said he's going to be in Union Square that afternoon doing a promotion and requested some help. As a big supporter of [me] and goji, I immediately obliged. (FYI - I finally received my free tube for the "Nuts in Your Mouth" post. I named it "Hottest Goji on Campus." And as the HGOC mentioned in the comments section of that post, the coupon code was delivered exactly three months after it went live.)

You may be asking yourself, "Why would he skip Hoboken St. Patrick's Day to do a cereal promotion in Union Square?" To get to the first reason behind my decision, let's take a moment to dissect my opening paragraph. Here is a list of things I mentioned:
I'm the first to admit that I love day drinking. But imagine this scenario: I tell you that I have an awesome day-drinking event planned. You probably think, "AWESOME!" But then, I tell you it involves the PATH, Hoboken/Jersey, and a clusterfuck of bros and white people (just kidding...both the HGOC and the Turkey Burger are white, and I love them), I bet you'd start thinking of excuses to get out of the event.

The second reason I'm choosing Union Square and cereal over Hoboken is that I get to wear the Mr. Goji costume, which is pictured above. So come out. It'll be awesome! I'll even be with some white people.


  1. While wearing that, you should shout out, "Ask me about my nuts!" ala Jonah Hill in that movie where he dressed up as a hot dog. Granted... he said "wiener," but still... good concept.

  2. It really is a BIG clusterfuck, good choice!

  3. thank you for the blog post and your help. i find your new kick of differentiating white people from yourself to be rather absurd. you are whiter than john stockton- hgoc