Monday, February 02, 2009

Tiddy Bear

I don’t normally watch the Super Bowl because I don’t care about football. My first experiences with the game were in the 90’s, and I recall many of them being blowouts. For a lot of them, I would fall asleep midway through the game and wake up as confetti was falling on the winning team. The game, for the most part, has been fairly unmemorable for me. I don’t remember Norwood’s miss, Elway spinning like a propeller or Brady’s disbelief at winning his first Super Bowl and game MVP. I do remember Leon Lett's fumble. That was hilarious!

Half of the hype for the Super Bowl is related to the commercials. Those were often much more entertaining and were really the only reason I would watch. I still remember some of my favorites: the Budweiser frogs, the Wassup guys, the Pepsi truck and the GoDaddy commercial with Trishelle from Real World Las Vegas. Her appearance was a complete surprise.

This year there were actually a lot of disappointing ads, but there were a handful that amused me. Below are my lists for least-entertaining and most entertaining commercials. You can also watch all of them on Hulu.

Least Entertaining

1) All the automotive commercials. BORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING.

2) NBC commercials. Just because you moved Leno to 10pm, it doesn’t mean he’s going to be funny or less annoying. And I don’t care how many people laugh their asses off, Thursday night comedies haven’t been worth watching since Friends and Seinfeld.

3) Heroes commercials. The football commercial was especially terrible. Hiro Nakamura lost his power to control time and space. Your commercial isn’t even accurate! Volume 4 better be good. This is your last chance.

Most Entertaining

1) Doritos: Crystal Ball

I knew the guy was going to through his snow globe at the machine, but his delivery was outstanding.

2) Heeere’s Money

MC Hammer and Ed McMahon poking fun at themselves. Amazing. Good thing they’re broke and need the money, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have agreed to shoot the spot.

3) Coke Zero: Mean Troy

How they weaved a remake of a classic Super Bowl commercial with the current Coke Zero campaign was pretty clever.

Honorable Mention

Teleflora: Talking Flowers

“No one wants to see you naked!” I was laughing.

The one thing all of these ads have in common is that they have high production costs. But no matter how much money any of them spent, none of them can ever compare to this gem – the Tiddy Bear.

My co-worker pointed me to it the other night, and I was laughing hysterically. Basically it’s a mini teddy bear you attach to your seatbelt, and it serves as a cushion between the strap and your…ummm…tiddies. I kid you not; I dialed the 800 number.

“Thank you for calling about the Tiddy Bear, the little guy that makes driving fun again.”

And for the New Yorkers who don’t have a car and think the Tiddy Bear isn’t for you, you can use it for your messenger bags.

Aren’t you glad I told you about this just in time for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. You can buy just 1 instead of 2 at My gtirlfriend loves him soooo much. I wish I were a tiddy bear!