Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PC Load Letter

"PC load letter. What the f&ck does that mean?!"

I hate when I'm at the copy machine, I've sent my stack through the paper feed (face up originals) and then I hear it. The Noise. I'm sure you're familiar with that noise. The one that doesn't sound normal. It's slightly off. You know something isn't quite right the moment you hear it.

At that instant my stomach drops, and I'm overcome by a feeling of exasperation because I know I'm going to have to fix the paper jam. I'll end up wasting a couple of minutes attempting to follow those horrendous system prompts.

Open front cover, flip B1, lift C3, turn A2, remove paper, close front cover, open side cover... Open side cover?! I just removed the sheet of paper. Why do I have to do this again?!

Once I hear that noise, part of me wants to grab my stack of paper, bolt to another copy machine and let the next person deal with it. If my work day were being filmed for a reality show, "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash would be playing as the camera slowly zooms in on my beautiful, angelic face as I contemplate whether to run. It's quite a horrid predicament.

This classic clip from Office Space captures my frustration with office technology.


  1. Well you know...there is always a good solution to that problem.


  2. The Rainmaker2/17/2009 10:10 AM

    If our daily or even weekly routine included taking a bat to the copy machine at work we would all be happier people...FML

  3. The spoiled finance guys at my office either feel they are above fixing paper jams, or are just far to busy to deal with them. However, they always kindly alert me when such a problem occurs. A few weeks ago I experienced the most horrid paper jam of my life - it took me no less than 45 minutes to fix. At which point I had such a killer migraine, I had to go home. Ask the Homewrecker, she had to bring me a prescription she obtained from a doc by faking a migraine herself as I was too sick to drive down the street to CVS.