Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Tree-diculous

I got home a bit later than I wanted last night, so I had to watch Gossip Girl via DVR. When the recording ended, the system automatically shifted to live television. At that moment, One Tree Hill was airing and something magical occurred…

Stephen Colletti appeared on my screen. Stephen Colletti of Laguna Beach. Stephen Colletti who used to date L.C., Kristin Cavallari and Hayden Panettiere.

What a surprise! What is he doing on One Tree Hill? Is this just a one-time appearance? Does he have a multi-episode story arc? What does One Tree Hill want with Stephen Colletti?

If this is a move to jolt the ratings, I could totally understand it…had it happened four years ago. The last time I saw him on television, he was on some pseudo-date with L.C. on The Hills and failed to make a move. What possible relevance could he have now?

Was there really not anyone…ANYONE else? I think they should’ve gone for Ben Savage. The show could’ve had marketed a Boy Meets World reunion: One night only – Minkus and Corey together again. Now that is something I would watch.

(Can someone who watches One Tree Hill please let me know what’s going on? During my image search for this post, I found pictures of Stephen’s character dancing with Brooke and making out with Peyton. I need details.)


  1. Hmm I think Powers may have something to add about this, haha

  2. I am totally embarrassed to know this, but I believe he has been on the show a few times before. I believe he dated Peyton at one point. Perhaps four years ago when he was relevant.

  3. Ok, so I am a fan of the show...He was dating Brooke for awhile (they met at this Virgins for life group that she joined as we joke)...and he did kiss Peyton at one point to make Lucas jealous...at some party. Ok, there, I admitted it, I'm a OTH fan. :)