Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Family Ties

To borrow a phrase from faithful reader and good friend, Powers, yesterday was a National Case of the Mondays. And The Flint Skinny correctly pointed out that we're now staring at another 50 straight weeks of work. Woo hoo!

IMs and status messages (Gchat and Facebook) reflected the nationwide disdain for the return to work. I even had a couple of desperate girls ask me about changing careers. One checked to see if I knew anyone at a university so she could work in admissions or alumni relations. Another wanted to know about the pay rate for dog walkers because she was thinking of starting her own dog-walking business.

What did I do? I zoned out reading disdainful status messages and told two girls I could be their pimp. I also checked The CW to make sure there was a new episode of Gossip Girl. And there was!

Last night’s episode featured the story lines of Jenny/Eric, Chuck/Blair, Rufus/Lily and Dan/Serena, though I’m wondering what the hell happened to Nate & Vanessa. In any case, I want to address the clusterfuck that is Rufus/Lily/Dan/Serena, which was the most intriguing story line of the night.

Before I get into my thoughts, I need to give a quick recap:

_ _ _ _ _


Rufus and Lily were going to finally runaway together and live happily ever after, but Rufus found out Lily gave birth to his son 20 years ago, gave him up for adoption and kept it a deep dark secret. This threw a major wrench in their vacation plans.

Serena and Dan realize they still have feelings for each other, but Serena says no to Dan because: A) it would be super weird if they were doing it with each other while their parents were doing it with each other, and B) Serena and her huge boobs (and ass) thought it would be good to give sketchy Aaron a shot by going to Argentina with him over the break.


We find out Serena never really had feelings for Aaron and broke up with him before they even got to Argentina. She dramatically waited for Dan in the school hallway where she told him all of this info, and they announced their undying love for each other whilst making out. (I never saw this happen at my school. I went to an all-boys Catholic school. Though I think there were a couple sketchy Christian Brothers that might’ve gotten off on such a thing.) [Side note to the parenthetical statement: In high school, I dated a girl who was half black and half white. I told her a story about some of the brothers, and she, being a Lutheran, looked at me very confused and asked, “Brothers?” She thought I meant “brothas.” I kid you not.]

Dan and Serena can barely keep their hands out of each other’s pants, so they proceed to Dan’s Brooklyn loft to continue the makeout session. Predictably, Rufus catches them. He seems very displeased. More displeased than his usual, aging hipster self. He seems legitimately angry. One can only assume his anger is due to the fact that the half-brother and half-sister to his long-lost son are going at it like a bunch of horny high school kids.

_ _ _ _ _

And it is that last sentence that confounds me.

Dan’s dad fathered a child with Serena’s mom, so Dan and Serena are not actually directly related to one another by blood; however, they have a common relative.

This is like a terrible logic problem on the LSAT, or even worse, the Target interview screening test. (I killed the math section — naturally, because I’m Asian — but no one told me there’d be logic. I didn’t know if the house was bigger than the school, the church or the post office!)

Is this situation acceptable? Would you move forward in such a predicament? Is this any worse than Josh & Cher getting together in Clueless? No one seemed to have a problem with that, even though they were ex-stepsiblings. Or what about Cruel Intentions? Sebastian and Kathryn were still technically stepsiblings, and they were all over each other. (Though Not Another Teen Movie awesomely parodied this relationship.) Please weigh in on this.


  1. TDB: right...so is it acceptable or not?
    no one cried foul in clueless

    CS: yeah
    i say acceptable
    do you want me to comment that?

    TDB: sure!

  2. There is no blood relation, so I say yes, acceptable! Emotionally/logically disturbing? YES. Although Serena and Dan would be referring to the brother as "our brother"! Maybe this relationship will bring them closer together. It's GG, the impossible is always possible.

  3. hahah the wifey makes the blog....