Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

Probably not. I left my phone in a cab last night, so I am without a mobile device. Please do not attempt to call or text me because I will not be able to reciprocate communications.

R.I.P. Sanyo Katana, Sprint's wannabe Motorola Razr. You served me well for the past 31 months. You will be missed.

Now, I need to look for a new phone. I'm leaning toward leaving the flip phone world behind and getting either a Blackberry or Sprint's wannabe iPhone, the Samsung Instinct. Unfortunately, both options require me to update my phone plan.

In order to check my current plan and see what upgrades are available to me, I decided to log on to the Sprint website to check my account. They've redesigned their site, so they require you to re-register with them. Fine. No big deal. I fill out all the necessary info.

But here is where Sprint is F*UCKING STUPID. In order to validate my registration, I have to enter a code they texted to my phone. I obviously don't have my phone so I look at the fine print to find an alternative way to get the code (i.e., via Email).

No alternate way. The message said something like if I don't have my phone, or if I'm in an area with no coverage, I should log on again later and a new code will be texted to me. Perfect. Thanks for recognizing my g-damn needs, Sprint!

In any case, I'll just do business the old-fashioned way and call a rep once I get to work. If you have any thoughts on what phone I should get, please feel free to chime in.

And Happy Birthday 26th birthday to The Homewrecker. May your newfound cougar-dom be merry!


  1. I am a professional at losing my phone, and there is not much worse than trying to get all your numbers back. The good thing though is that you can usually cut your phonebook in half. If you've had that phone for 31 months you are likely not still talking to a bunch of those people. I will not be getting cut though; that's for sure.

    You should start a facebook group about how you lost your phone. That way a handful of idiots put their number on the wall for anyone to me. Rest assured you will be receiving a call from Peyton Manning.

  2. I hate sprint and left them for T Mobile.

  3. Did you get the Google Phone? I hear that's the main reason people are going TMobile.