Thursday, January 15, 2009

ABDC Returns

America's Best Dance Crew is back! Season 3 premieres tonight at 10pm.

My prediction: the group that ultimately wins will be predominantly Asian or black.

And don't forget to play my ABDC Drinking Game.

1 comment:

  1. This is the safest time to play Syfu's Sober Killer. There are enough bad crews out there that you are pretty safe for the most part. Nope, actually I just rechecked the rules and you are all still getting alcohol poisoning. Here is a list of over/under bets for you to spice it up even more. The bet relates to the full rule as originally stated, not my short version.

    Robotic for Boogie Bots: 0
    Audience flashes Super Cr3w: 1
    No Asian parent support: 2
    Ripped & Hard: 3
    Lack of choreography critique: 3
    Dance terms used: 5
    Lil Mama incoherent: 8
    Celebrity sighting: 12
    Shane says Y'all: 24