Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nuts in Your Mouth

Almost two years ago, my friend, Alexander, became Northwestern University’s inaugural Hottest Guy on Campus. In my congratulatory post, I wrote, “Since I’ve known Alexander, I always expected him to achieve something as grand as this.”

I’m proud to say he, along with two of his friends, has accomplished something ALMOST as amazing. In early September, they launched their very own cereal company – [me] & goji.

It’s artisanal cereal, customized by you. You get to choose your unique mixture from a selection of over 40 organic ingredients, and they’ll ship it to you in a sealed, attractive cylindrical cereal capsule. The process is pretty simple:

1) Choose a base ingredient (e.g., samurai wheat or raw 5-grain muesli)
2) Add a little extra something to enhance your base (e.g., choco granola or oat bran)
3) Pick some fruit (e.g., goji or currants)
4) Top it off with some nuts or seeds (e.g., almonds or chia)
5) Name your cereal

I just finished my first capsule. I selected granola enhanced with golden granola, toasted coconut and almonds. I called it “Nuts in Your Mouth.”

It was delicious. They don’t mess around with the ingredients. I could smell the coconut and knew it wasn’t processed; it definitely smelled fresh. I’m from an island, I know these things.

Visit the website, and order some cereal. Seriously, you probably went back home for Thanksgiving, got hammered with your old elementary and high school friends on Wednesday night, feasted on Thursday and devoured leftovers the rest of the weekend.
You’ll need something healthy after that gluttony. Or since it’s the Christmas season, order some capsules as presents. Giving is better than receiving.

Also, [me] & goji has already been featured in Uncrate, Daily Candy, Thrillist and Hungry Girl. You need to show the HGOC and his friends that The Dirty Burrito provides a comparable, if not better, bump in sales. Actually, I’m just hoping they’ll be thankful for the mention and send me a free capsule.



  1. whoah cool cereal. haha
    i wonder if they ship all the way to the PI :))

  2. I'm ordering some right now.

  3. Thank you for the lovely words Carlo(s). Your coupon code for a free capsule will be sent out in 3 months. The same amount of time it took for you to write this post. - HGOC