Sunday, October 05, 2008

Literally Awesome

“A Little Respect” by Erasure has to be the most literal video ever. I have no idea what made me think of this song, but I like it a lot.

The entire video is the vocalist singing while literal depictions of the lyrics fade in and out in the lower portion of the screen. My favorite is the one where they flash the flag for the 1998 Olympics in Seoul while he sings the word “soul.” Genius.

On a completely unrelated note and because I have nothing further to say about the today’s music video, my roommates and I discovered one of the funniest shows on television. It’s called Sex...with Mom and Dad on MTV.

The premise is that families who want to have a more open dialogue about sex go to Dr. Drew to try and help facilitate and start this more open relationship. The parents and kids sit together with Dr. Drew, who tries to understand the problem. Once he determines the problem, he gives the family tasks that will help them on their path to opening up.

Some highlights:

- An 18-year-old girl who is a virgin and is about to go to college has to learn how to put on condoms using a cucumber. She has to do this with her dad, who is a cop. She also asked him if you can get pregnant via anal and how many girls have performed oral sex on him. I felt awkward typing that last sentence…

- A girl from Long Island has had sex with 4 guys…and she’s only 16-years-old. This is why I sometimes consider not having children.

- A 19-year-old manwhore has to drive around with his mother and they have to show each other memorable places they’ve had sex. It’s called The Bonk Tour. His mom also told him that she didn’t have her first orgasm until her mid-thirties. Fantastic!

You can watch full episodes online. Enjoy.

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  1. This is disturbing. Why is this healthy? Like what benefit does everyone get from being on this show. Im so grossed out by it...