Monday, October 27, 2008


Today's video is "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Starship. I particularly like this song because it reminds me of riding in the car with my mother back in the day when we lived on The Island. As you grow older, you begin to forget more of the stuff that happened pretty early in life. For some reason, this song has that unique ability to give me that feeling that I'm actually back in time.

Also, I like how awesomely bad this video is. The song is from the motion picture, Mannequin. First of all, the video basically has Starship recreating segments of the movie, interspersing those segments with actual clips and trying to make it seamlessly appear as if they're part of the movie. As you can see, this attempt was a massive failure.

One would think they'd be able to pull it off, or at least take a really good shot at it. This is Starship...they were so popular, they played MTV Spring Break at Daytona Beach. Think about that for a second. It may not seem like it because this video is two decades old, but Starship was so awesome that they played an MTV Spring Break back when MTV thought the coolest place in the world to go on spring break was Daytona Beach, Florida. Can you imagine a group of raging drunk college kids rocking out to this song and "We Built This City"? (I totally can. I was born in the wrong decade.)

Lastly, we have further video evidence that Kim Cattrall is only good at playing a slut. Even as a mannequin that comes to life, we see multiple instances of her stripping down.


  1. hahaha. i can agree with the "feeling that im actually back in time" with this song too. Dispite our age differences, this song (along with rick atsley, jefferson starship, seventh avenue, etc.) reminds me of road trips.

    (yes, your cousin ara)

  2. their hair in this video is quite possibly the best