Monday, October 13, 2008

Drinking in L.A.

Whenever I hear a song about California, most likely on an MTV reality show, it’s usually just about the sun, sand and freeways. Back in August of 2007, I wrote the following in my Newport Harbor review:

“Predictably, they opened the show with a song about California. You know—a song which mentions something about the sun, the sand and either the 405 or the 101? OK. We get it. The show is set in California. You have fantastic weather, gorgeous beaches and congested freeways. Sweet. Pick more original songs.”

“Drinking in L.A.” by Bran Van 3000 is a nice departure from the usual idealistic formula. It actually does a very good job of mocking the Los Angeles lifestyle. Take these lyrics:

Feeling kinda groovy

Working on a movie (yeah right!)

But we did nothing, absolutely bupkis that day

Each time I visit L.A., I get the feeling that nobody really works over there. I think people enjoy pretending like they work. Why should I have to wait in line at the cupcake store or at a breakfast joint in the middle of a weekday? Shouldn’t people be in the office?

In any case, I’ll be in L.A. this week from Thursday-Sunday. Call me if you would like to hang.

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