Thursday, October 16, 2008

Apocalypse Now

The Dirty Burrito is going going back back to Cali Cali, which should lead to debauchery of epic proportions. Not only am I reuniting with my dearest friends from the West Coast, but a small contingent of my East Coast friends are going as well. And when I say "friends," I actually mean "people I hang with who'll eventually lead me toward liver failure and AA."

For those of you who'll be out there and want to join the fun, here is the itinerary:

Friday (aka A Day with The Homewrecker)
-Day: L.A. eating excursion including crack tacos and the famous BJ's pizookie
-Night: Redondo Beach for BBQing and a beach bar crawl

Saturday (aka The HJ Birthday Blackout)
-Day: Santa Monica for what the Hottest Guy on Campus has dubbed the "Ninja Bar Crawl" because there'll be a lot of Asians, and as everyone knows, we're all ninjas
-Night: A bar called El Carmen because they serve margaritas, and The Dirty Burrito loves the official drink of his native land

To top it all off, I'm working on a crippled right leg and a crutch...Tiny Tim-style. My beach bar crawls should be interesting.


  1. Tiny Tim, I resent the classification you gave your East Coast friends.

  2. I AM A NINJA!!!!! What does that make Rob?

    I also resent what Allie said!

  3. redondo? that's where my parents live- holla at em for me.