Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Must-See Monday

After last night’s 3-hour marathon of Gossip Girl and Heroes, I’ve decided that Monday is the best night of television.

Gossip Girl is starting to heat up. Thanks to a scheming Chuck Bass, Serena and her bootylicious ass are about to usurp the queen B, which should set off a chain reaction of drama for the rest of the season.

Heroes had a 2-hour season premiere, and it was awesome. It looks like the quality of this season will be closer to that of season 1 than season 2. Definitely a good thing. Another good thing—Dania Ramirez is back in my life.


  1. what, no mention of the hills? C-Lo how could you!?

  2. i can't believe you liked the new season of heros. the show has fallen into soap opera level acting. did the big headed cheerleader win a internet contest to be on this show? there is no way this girl is a trained actor, you wouldn't know the difference if she were talking to her father or skyler.

    in addition to the bad acting, the dialogue is ridiculous. characters don't even talk to each other, they launch into speeches about whatever the hell fits the background music (usually good verse evil or the human spirit overcoming obstacles). i couldn't believe how many times i fast forwarded through dialogue yet still understood everything that was going on. its like every show has 12 nobel acceptance speeches.

    on top of all that, this show has officially beat out 24 for most annoying tone of voice used by the actors. anytime the indian guy, the dad, or peter talk i want to put my finger in my eye.

    ali larter is a transsexual.

    the only saving grace are your two uncles and the ridiculously hot girl featured in your picture. she became a lot less attractive now that she speaks english tho- hgoc

  3. glad to see hgoc got my email about increasing our blog participation...and that he spent 3 hours watching upn ...