Sunday, September 07, 2008

MTV Does It Well

This Music Monday, I give you “Doin’ It” by LL Cool J because, overall, MTV did the VMA’s well. Here are some thoughts from the show:

Britney gave the same speech twice. She’s thankful to God and her beautiful family…and seems likes she’s on drugs.

They need to show the performances where Travis and DJ AM collaborated with guest artists during the commercial breaks. I particularly liked Katy Perry. I didn’t realize she was so attractive, and I enjoyed her rendition of “Like A Virgin.” And the outfit she wore while performing.

Ashlee Simpson looks like a whale. I realize she’s pregnant, but still.

I am extremely angry that there wasn’t an America’s Best Dance Crew performance. I thought that was the whole point of doing the Battle for the VMA’s episode. I figured the winner would get to perform. Such a huge letdown.

I saw a Doublemint commercial where Chris Brown repurposed his song, “Forever.” Ridiculous. Not cool.

Slipknot is scary as hell. I can’t believe they actually brought out McLovin. How long before we see a DUI story about him in the news?

Jamie Foxx needs to calm down. He’s there to present an award, not give a 5 minute monologue.

Christina Aguilera’s performance was really good. I like the flashback to “Genie in a Bottle.”

And Pink and Kid Rock performances? It’s like I’m back in high school.

Vanessa Hudgens is pretty hot.

Lauren actually looked really good. (If you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged about the new season of The Hills, it’s because I haven’t watched it yet. I’ve recorded all the episodes, so I’ll catch up soon and write a blog on it.)

Was the person giving the acceptance speech for Tokio Hotel a guy or a girl?

Tonight was my first Jonas Brothers experience. And I have to say, they suck. A lot.

Kanye West gave a great performance, but it was definitely overshadowed by his sick suit. I want one.


  1. The Jonas Brothers are gay. Why does every teen star look like a douchebag these days? Back when we were teeny boppers, those kids would have been huge dorks. Stupid vests and even more stupid haircuts.

    Chris Brown was commissioned by Wrigley's to write both the song and the it's not actually's just purposed.

    You leave Jamie Foxx alone. Need I remind you that he sang one of the Williams sisters(the big one) a song entitled "I wanna be your tennis ball"?

    Doin' it

  2. I agree with every comment in this blog. Expect of course for Britney being on drugs. She's fine, i love her, expect a comback SOON