Monday, September 15, 2008

Facebook Family

The Mom and Pop Shop joined Facebook this week. I find this development to be quite awesome. (The Little Taquito is not a team player. My sister has rejected their friendship because it is “freaky” – whatever that means.)

I’ve noticed some interesting and funny things with my parents’ new membership. For one thing, my dad has signed up as Tommy. Ever since we moved to The Americas in the late 80’s, my dad has gone by Tom. I only found out a few years ago that he always used to go by Tommy…strange. I can only assume he signed up as Tommy because he’s reconnecting with his friends from The Island. Or he’s having an identity crisis. I don’t really know.

In terms of profile pictures, I give each of them an A+. They threw professionalism out the window and went with creativity. My mom has a masquerade mask, and my dad chose a picture of him wearing an oversized sombrero from last year’s Cancun trip.

Their status messages are also amusing. My dad frequently likes to update the world about how the weather is affecting his golfing situation. (Sweet!) Based on my mom’s status from Sunday, she seems to be addicted: “just made a good breakfast for tom and will now take a break from this very addicting and wll try to do a little cleaning, see you in a bit.”

The funniest thing I’ve seen thus far is the comment my dad posted on my uncle’s (mom’s brother) wall: “Looks like you lost some weight bro. or is that just a loose shirt hiding all that bulge?”

I literally laughed out loud. I’ve never heard the guy use “bro” in conversation—ever. Now he’s dropping it in Facebook wall comments. I was totally tempted to jump in on the wall convo with this classic, but I don’t think they’re well-versed in Zoolander quotations:

Hansel: Excuse me, bra.
Derek Zoolander: You're excused, and I'm not your bra.

I had some free time at work on Friday, so I suggested several friends for them. I included a large group – old soccer teammates, high school friends, college friends and relatives. If I forgot you, don’t fret. It’s not because I hate, it’s because I ran through my friend list fairly quickly and accidentally missed you. If you know my parents, please friend them. Or if you don’t know them and just want to know the lovely people that grounded me for the majority of the fall semester of my junior year of high school for drunkenly operating a Sea-Doo, injuring myself and scarring my left eyebrow, just ask and I’ll give you the necessary to get this online friendship in motion.

In any case, what does all of this have to do with Music Monday? Though I feel it’s fantastic that my parents have joined my online social network, I also think it’s bizarre. How bizarre? I’ll let OMC tell you.


  1. ha I do believe another casuality of the seadoo incident was a brokemn/chipped tooth?

  2. ha I do believe another casuality of the seadoo incident was a brokemn/chipped tooth?