Tuesday, August 05, 2008

White People Concerts & Alexis Bledel

Last night, I saw The National play a great show at the Central Park SummerStage. I haven't been to a concert in quite some time, but Stuff White People Like was spot on with its assessment of white people concerts.

I did find myself standing reasonably still the entire concert. I shifted my feet a few times because my feet would hurt from standing in the same position for long periods of time. Most other people were bobbing their heads, and many people occasionally threw a hand in the air to point at the stage to display their enthusiasm for the music. There was also a lot of clapping and relatively high-pitched "wooooooooooooo's" after each song.

On an unrelated note, I saw Alexis Bledel by my apartment. Yet another movie was being filmed on my block. I decided to check out what was being filmed. Old Guy (my other roommate) and I were secretly hoping it was Gossip Girl (Old Guy likes Blake Lively). We weren't quite lucky last night, but seeing Alexis Bledel was a pretty decent consolation prize. I was always in love with her as Rory Gilmore.

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  1. The reason you kept hearing "wooooooos" from the people around you is because you were standing right next to me. and i'm as white as they come.

    - OG