Friday, August 01, 2008

In the News: T-Shirts

In an effort to spearhead the decline of respectable journalism, CNN has decided to branch out into the t-shirt business. Next to some of their more "humorous" headlines, they've placed a mini-shirt icon. Readers can click on the icon and build their very own shirt with the headline plastered across the chest and a dated subhead "*I just saw it on"

In related news, competitor Snorg Tees doesn't seem to be worried just yet. Snorg model and marketing-economics double-major-slash-overachiever Alice Fraasa says, "I don't think CNN t-shirts pose a huge threat to our business. I think CNN may have an issue because they aim for, like, an older, self-sufficient target, ya [sic] know, who may be feeling the effects of the declining economy. They may opt to buy groceries or three gallons of gas instead of a $15 t-shirt with a news headline on it.

We, like, aim for the high school through college-aged crowd. Soooo, economic factors don't really seem to affect them that much. They have their parents to, like, feed them and fuel their vehicles, so they spend most of their disposable income on funny t-shirts from us."

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  1. lol Alice is a regular John Maynard Keynes!