Monday, August 25, 2008

Bobby Brown Likes to Play Board Games

The Dirty Burrito wants to kick off his birthday week with a fun and happy video. And what’s more fun and happy than a 80s dance video? This week, Music Monday features “Every Little Step” by Bobby Brown.

The only version I found that provided embedding code contains snippets of an old interview before and after the video. The interview is definitely worth watching. We find out a lot about Bobby Brown.

- Bobby works out a lot. He tries to have a good balance between cardio and weights.

- Bobby is a homebody. He doesn’t go out too much.

- Bobby isn’t too good at basketball. He’s only good enough to sit on the bench and fill in for injured players.

- Bobby is into reading.

- Bobby plays the board game, Life, a lot.

This video is great not only for showing us that Bobby Brown is more than a musician, but because of the awesome outfits.

Will wearing big jackets with oversized shoulder pads and no shirt ever come back into style? I certainly hope so.

Also, I want my own spandex shorts with my name on them. Once I get those, all I have to do is work on pulling off suspenders, and I’ll be good to go.

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