Friday, August 22, 2008

Beer Olympics 2008

This Saturday, the culmination of several weeks’ worth of planning - multiple meetings and endless Email chains - finally comes to fruition. Four teams, three events, two cases and one keg. It all adds up to a glorious afternoon of competitive drinking among friends.

If we’re lucky enough to find a torch, there’ll be a torch relay around Tompkins Square Park at 2pm. Drinking will commence shortly thereafter.

Holler at The Dirty Burrito if you’re in the area. Teams are already set, but sporting events are always better with a crowd cheering (or booing).


  1. After your silly little games, you can come to Chicago to compete against the reigning Beer Olympics champions. In the last two officially sanctioned events, team Demoss/Joliat of France and then Djibouti, won 6 golds and 1 silver out of 8 possible medals. These games were also with minumum 24 countries.

    Flip Cup - 2 gold
    Realy - 1 gold, 1 silver
    Beer pong - 1 gold
    Overall - 2 gold


    The original since 1993.

    Enough said.