Thursday, August 14, 2008

The ABDC Drinking Game

The season finale for America’s Best Dance Crew airs tonight, featuring a showdown between SoReal Cru and Super Cr3w. Asians versus B-boys. In case you were wondering, I am supporting SoReal Cru. I have to support the Asians.

And now that the 2nd season is over, I’m sure MTV will show a couple of marathons in the coming weeks. It’s not needed, but I’ve provided a drinking game in case you want to enhance your viewing pleasure.

Take a sip when:
- Shane Sparks says “Y’all” or “Y’all ripped/killed it”
- JC Chasez makes a negative comment, the crowd starts booing, and he says “OK here we go”
- Lil’ Mama says something incoherent and nonsensical
- Shane disagrees w/ JC
- Audience members flash the Super Cr3w sign in front of Mario when he introduces Super Cr3w

Take a large gulp when:
- Any of these dance moves/terms are used: Flare, Windmill, Turtle, B-boy, Tut, Pop, Lock
- Blonde girl with cleavage sits behind JC
- Audience members flash the Super Cr3w sign in front of Mario when he introduces a different crew
- Judges say the word “Robotic” in regard to Boogie Bots
- JC critiques you for your lack of choreography

Take a shot when:
- They show a celebrity (2 shots if they show a Real World cast member)
- Shane uses “ripped” and “hard” in the same sentence (e.g., Y’all ripped it hard tonight)
- Any Asian dancers talk about how their parents don’t support them
- You see a group of 4 or more Asian girls sitting together in clubbing outfits in the crowd behind Mario Lopez

Drink everything within sight when:

- Asian dancers further expand on the lack of parental support by explaining that the parents want them to be doctors or nurses
- Fanny Pak doesn’t wear a fanny pack

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  1. Thanks for the alcohol poisoning...dick. You know that would amount to a case and a bottle almost every week.