Friday, July 18, 2008

The Will

The HJ is in NYC this weekend. The last time she visited, I was destroyed…and that was only from drinking with her for an entire Sunday afternoon. I now have the pleasure of an entire weekend of hardcore HJ action, so…

In case something happens to me, I hereby leave The Dirty Burrito to the Hottest Guy on Campus.

His response to the great news: "fuck man thats incredible. i'm truly honored." As you can see, his grammar and punctuation standards are not as high as mine. However, his enthusiasm, much like his hotness (I'm talking to you, Larin), is unparalleled. I'll be damned if an unattractive, unenthusiastic person ever gets his/her hands on this blog.

Should my liver fail this weekend, he’ll be the only person who can truly carry on the spirit of The Dirty Burrito. If I do happen to make it through the next three days, then get prepared for another Music Monday!

1 comment:

  1. I remember when I wrote a will for my 21st birthday it stated that if I were to die over the course of the 4 days surrounding my birthday that I was to be stuffed and mounted in a grappling position with a nice plaque hung around my neck stating "Colin died how he lived, wrestling bears"