Monday, July 28, 2008

Mistaken Identity

I received a special request from The Homewrecker. She's been feeling a little sad lately and has been occasionally drinking red wine as a pick-me-up, which reminded her of "Red Red Wine" by UB40.

Like pretty much everyone else, I though UB40 was a Jamaican reggae band—Bob Marley-esque, if you will. It wasn't until I saw the video and some sort of VH1 Top 100 songs of the 80s list that I found out they were actually a white British reggae band.

On a somewhat related note, I met another person who incorrectly guessed my nationality. Here is the conversation that transpired:

Asian Girl: So where are you from?

The Dirty Burrito: The Philippines.

AG: (Puzzled look on her face) Oooh. I would’ve thought you were from somewhere else.

TDB: (With a slight, knowing grin) Oh yeah? Where did you think I was from?

AG: Somewhere in Latin America.

TDB: Si. Mexico actually.


  1. I must admit I knew they were a white group back in the day. I spent many an afternoon watching VH1 waiting for Michael Jackson videos to come on. Not come on literally, but to appear on screen.

    In other news, I am glad you were accused of being a guacamole maker because now I don't have to feel bad about failing the Faces Exam on

  2. I think it's important to note that UB40 is named after Unemployment Benefit Form 40 that all the band members were currently enrolled in.

    These guys were poor white trash that formed the band before they even knew how to play instruments. they bought their instruments from a settlement the lead singer received from getting his ass kicked at a bar.

    its beyond me that there hasn't been a vh1 behind the music about these guys. - hgoc

  3. I think that was entirely pointless to note. Thanks though.

  4. It is good to know carlo pays someone to oversee, judge and flex in the comments section of his blog. It must be a substantial amount because if you were to do it for free that would make you rather lame.

    Not sure how that is entirely pointless, the article was discussing the band and surprising facts about them. But i can see how your past VH1 viewing habits is more relevant, and interesting. tell me, how did you watch saturday morning cartoons when you were younger?

    Let me put flint terms so you can understand, do not act like a female by leaving passive aggressive comments in an attempt to belittle my voice, or you will find yourself victim of an old fashion beating. one where you get punched a lot more than you punch me.

    Dirty Juanita Vasquez, i apologize for the aggressive quote on your blog. it will be the last you hear of it from my end. Your blog has been a place of joy and laugher for many years, viewers taking weak jabs at each other goes against everything this institution stands for.

  5. To start with, no Carlo doesn't pay me for my comments; I offer them free of charge. It may be lame, but I like Carlo to know that people actually read this shit.

    My apologies for using the word "pointless" as that was the wrong choice. Everyone loves a little bit of random trivia. My problem was actually in your claim that it was "important to note." (important: marked by or indicative of significant worth or consequence) Your tidbit was not important in any sense, unless of course you are trying to make some political statement about the unemployment system in the UK. I, like most Americans intelligent or otherwise, could not care less about their unemployment system and more specifically the forms needed to enroll.

    As for your statement of the old school beat down. Let's rumble. In the words of Will Ferrell in an SNL skit, "I have been lifting weights and doing cocaine all day!" Admittedly that is untrue as is my desire to engage in fisticuffs with you, Alexander the Anonymous.

    To make peace I will go ahead and agree with you on your final comment. TDB is a wondrous place. Perhaps even in the spirit of Margaritaville it is a state of mind. Keep on keepin' on.