Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Feliz Cumpleaños

The Dirty Burrito is tres años today. I owe everything to my five loyal readers—you inspire me. I find it quite astounding that I’ve been able to maintain this blog for so long. You guys really do keep me going. I love hearing feedback such as how I’m a good distraction from work, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes, or so-and-so (sometimes someone I’ve never met) is pissed off because I haven’t posted in awhile.

It’s a bit crazy to think what the blog was like three years ago. When The Dirty Burrito first started, the only way people knew about the blog was either through sporadic mass E-mails I sent out for posts I really liked, or clicking on the link in my AIM profile. The Hottest Guy on Campus and The Homewrecker eventually joined the action with links in their AIM profiles, but other than that, I really depended on people telling friends, neighbors, teammates, etc.

Nowadays, I don’t even use AIM. I just post notes on Facebook and bulletins on MySpace. I’m so successful that I dished out the $10 for the rights to www.thedirtyburrito.com.

To celebrate my birthday, I’m listing twelve fan favorites from the past three years. Why twelve? I have no idea. But I remember getting a lot of reaction from these posts, so I just want to throw them out there just in case some newer readers want to check some of the classics. (Also, the picture is from my very first post. I’m not linking to it because it was terrible to the point that I can’t believe people actually kept reading me. And if you are wondering, that is actually me at the fresh, young age of 21.)

In chronological order:

I’m a foreigner…

I must admit that I’ve been slacking and haven’t been watching my grammar as well lately. Oh well.

The Hottest Guy on Campus

Not only is he Northwestern University’s inaugural Hottest Guy on Campus, but he received the first ever nickname designation on this blog and is the only person to guest blog for me. (You’re all welcome to guest blog. Just send me your work, and I’ll post it—as long as it’s somewhat funny and/or insightful.)

Backstreet’s Back…All Right

One of the best concert’s ever. I love boy bands.

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?

My modeling debut. If you’re not a Zoolander fan, you won’t like this one…and also, don’t bother being my friend.

My Commercials

My acting debut. I can’t believe I didn’t parlay this experience into a career.

The Hills

Check out my review and predictions from the very first episode.

Out of My Element

I went to a gay night club. It was fun.

Thanksgiving and Me

A foreigner’s thoughts on bread-like muffins or muffin-like bread.

Sun, Sand, Freeways and Drama

I weigh in on the first season on my favorite show’s move to Newport Harbor and the 2nd season of The Hills.

Claudio Ranieri Wants to Play Craps

If you didn’t grow up in Michigan playing futbol with me, skip right past this one.

Spears Family Hit with Baby One More Time

How long until Jamie Lynn gets hot again…and turns 18?

Holla Back Wodie

I literally researched “wodie” for about 10 minutes to make sure I was using it properly and that it wasn’t a racial slur. “Holla back,” on the other hand, I knew how to use because of Gwen Stefani.

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  1. My favorite is still the 'Spears family' headline. Of all the headlines out there, including NY Post, That was by far the best.

    I'm a little sad to see no mention of Chunky Salsa and Clean Taco, and your utter destruction of The Competition. I had a record number of votes of which to keep track... all the way up into the 7's!

    Great Blog TDB. Keep it up. Love it!