Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Busted for Juicing

Two Asians waiting in line for an overpriced cup of super-delicious frozen yogurt at Pinkberry were outraged by the sight of the Mandarin Citrus Juicer being sold at the location. According to Gothamist, "They found the designer's characterization of Chinese men as smiling toadies whose heads are great for squeezing juice a tad offensive."

I am inclined to agree. Everyone knows that those little hats aren't used for juicing. They're used to shield our faces from the sun while we gather rice. Shame on you, Pinkberry. Shame on you.

(Side note: You'll also notice the hat on the yellow juicer in the back right looks like a sombrero. Since when do Asians not named The Dirty Burrito wear sombreros?)

Shoutout to the Nasty for the link. Her keen awareness for The Dirty Burrito material allowed me to educate you in proper usage of Asian headgear.

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