Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Belated Usage

It kills me whenever people say "Happy Belated Birthday." That isn't correct. The birthday isn't belated; the greeting is belated. Since "Happy Birthday" can be considered the greeting, you should say "Belated Happy Birthday."

This has been bugging me for years. I wish I could put an end to it, but it's going to keep on going much like "same difference," "anyways" and "could care less." Ugghhhh.


  1. I'd guesstimate that it sounds the same to the untrained ear irregardless of where you put the "belated". Anyways, that's how I feel... Really... I could care less.

  2. What pisses me off is "up shits creek without a paddle." If you are up the creek...just float back down jackass. You don't need a paddle to go downstream. Don't even get me started on "have your cake and eat it too."

  3. dude.. seriously? this is what has been bugging you for years?!?!

    i think you need to spend more of your mental power on our Beer Olympics!

    are you working on the shirts?

    anyways... time to go back to work.

  4. Cmon now, what do you expect people to say - "happy belated birthday greeting"?!?!