Friday, June 13, 2008

So Euro

The Italian wine bar next door to my apartment opened early today so all the neighborhood paisans could gather and watch their country salvage their hopes in Euro 2008. I was not at all surprised by this. In fact, I'm very happy this happened. I think you should have a place to gather with your countrymen and root for your team, especially when you're Italian and the only other option would have been Olive Garden ("When you're here, you're family!").

What was shocking to me was the collection of four Vespas parked by the curb outside of the wine bar. I've never seen so many Vespas in one spot in NYC before. It's so Euro.

In other Euro 2008 news, France play the Netherlands in the afternoon's second game. The Dirty Burrito will be rocking the French jersey and supporting those baguette-eating frogs.

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